LILLEY: Canada gets zero, takes the brunt of vaccine slowdown – Toronto Sun

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“The EU now expects Pfizer to deliver across the 27-nation bloc 92% of what was expected over this week and the next one. The missing 8% is expected to be recovered during the week of Feb. 15,” the Associated Press reported last Wednesday.

Reuters was reporting, meanwhile, that some countries, like Poland and Romania, were seeing 50% reductions over two weeks. Italy was told to expect a 20% reduction for one week and 30% the next while the Czech Republic was told to expect drops of 15% and 30%.

You don’t need to be a math scholar to realize that all of those reductions are a lot smaller than the 100% reduction that Canada is facing this week and the 80% reduction for next week.

Federal officials said they don’t know exactly how many doses we will receive in the following weeks, but it will be less than originally planned.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rightly took some heat for not calling Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer’s global operations to demand answers, or better yet, the actual delivery of our vaccines. Instead, European leaders made those calls and changed the length and depth of their cuts.

Trudeau took two personal days and then held a cabinet retreat.

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By Thursday of last week, a full week after the initial reductions were announced — and two days after announcing Canada would get zero doses — Trudeau finally called Bourla. All he got was somewhat of an assurance that Canada should have all the doses we were supposed to get by the end of March.