John Legend, Carrie Underwood drop holiday themed track ‘Hallelujah – Geo News

John Legend, Carrie Underwood drop holiday themed track ‘Hallelujah’

John Legend and Carrie Underwood’s most recent collaboration on Hallelujah has left fans on the edges of their seats and many can’t stop gushing over Underwood’s power packed vocals.

“This song and its message is much needed right now and I’m honored to have it on my Christmas album, My Gift,” Underwood admitted to Instagram Stories earlier this week. “I hope you like it.

This collaboration with John Legend is not the only holiday surprise Underwood has in store for her fans either.

Ever since last fall, the singer has been on the grind to produce holiday content for her new Christmas album. She touched on the release during an interview with People magazine.

She was even quoted saying, “I started working on this album last fall and recorded it in the spring … so I’ve literally been living with Christmas music for a year now! I hope the album will be a soundtrack for people as they prepare for and celebrate Christmas. That would make me happy.”